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Learning to Love Louie (and other stories about dogs)

The Unlikely Celebrity of Baetje Farms (A couple in Missouri made some good cheese, and it took them to the moon and back.)

The Good Shepherd (Sometimes a police dog can do what guns can’t.)

Our Lady of the Lemurs (The Zoo’s curator of primates didn’t start out wild about primates. But she fell in love with lemurs, and now she goes to Madagascar to save their lives.)

The Art of Training (Marilyn Pona talks about the need to tame, before you teach.)

Best in Show (An animal trainer’s chaotic life gets in the way of her projects.)

The Clan of the Cavesnail (Tom Aley spent 30 years and a fortune defending an invisible creature the size of a grain of sand.)

Pigeons Droppings (Pigeons navigate better than any pilot; they’re more sociable than any debutante.)


The Only Rival Pete Weber Won’t Trash (The bad boy of bowling breaks his father’s record.)

All the King’s Horses (On the polo field, wealth and power mix with earth and sweat and substance.)

Speed Isn’t Enough (Drag-racing champ Tim McAmis tries to be a millisecond faster than the big-money boys.)


Face-Off With Authority (A Polish priest stands ready to be defrocked.)

The Reluctant Archbishop (People thought Justin Rigali hated them. Mainly, he was shy.)

Stalking the Hungry Ghosts (How Buddhist lawyers and researchers reconcile their beliefs with their acts.)


The Ivey-Selkirk Saga (How St. Louis’s venerable auction house collapsed.)

Back to School (Symphony musicians teach second grade.)

Joining the Circus (The Wallendas run away with the Symphony.)

How You Get to Carnegie Hall (Practice, practice, practice.)

Carry On (When musicians take the stage, they bring everything from bifocals to Band-Aids.)