Too Much Money (The biggest heist in the history of St. Louis started out as a slick caper—and fell into comedy.)

Winner, 2018 City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Feature Article”

The Unimaginable, Infamous Case of Pam Hupp (A tangle of lies, greed, sex, and death—and a surprise arrest.)

Manifest Injustice (Is eyewitness identification enough when all the other evidence points to someone else—and the jury never hears it?)

The Dukes of Hazard (Josh Tiff was in military intelligence, Matt Lovasz in special operations for the Ballwin police. Now they spend their days scrubbing up blood, feces, and melted flesh.)

Call It Murder (Medical examiner Dr. Mary Case uncovers homicides that were signed off as accidents.)

Paying It Backward (What turns an ordinary, decent guy into a common criminal?)

Seeking Justice (After her 18-year-old son was shot in the head, Tami Inkley was told the case couldn’t go to trial. She started searching for her own answers.)

Terror Starts Small (In the first terrorism case in St. Louis since 9/11, a taxi-driver hooks up with al-Qaida.)

A Family Erased: The Chris Coleman Story (Did Joyce Meyer’s bodyguard strangle his wife and young sons just to keep a high salary and a sexy mistress? And if not, who did?)

Finalist, City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Reporting” + Great Plains Journalism Award 2012

Psycho Killers, Qu’est-ce que C’est? (Neuroscience that could change the definitions of crime and punishment)

Tough Kids Turning (A judge got fed up seeing kids in his courtroom and built them a school.)

Finalist, 2010 City & Regional Magazine Awards, “Civic Journalism”

Chasing Rabbitt (A long talk with the South Side Rapist)

Lost in America (Vietnamese gangs confuse the police.)

Judgment at Hookyville (In juvenile court, you see too much.)

National Association of Black Journalists, first place, Features

Sympathy for the Devil (A St. Louis judge took a hell of a risk on a violent drug dealer. And one of them learned his lesson.)

Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists, Best Print Feature

Presumed Guilty (Two young adults’ lives ruined, on the word of an unstable teenager)

Fail Safe (She thought she was living in a nice secure high-rise. Then her neighbor attacked her.)

Demons in the Courtroom + Insane Verdict + a postscript, The Second Death (Vince Greer was by all accounts a sweet, smart kid–until, at 15, he heard voices that told him to kill his mother.)