The Adventuress (A debutante who joined the circus and married a cowboy, Bunny Herring found the bland safety of privilege utterly boring.)

Coming Home (After exploring the past in his bestselling memoir, Bettyville, writer George Hodgman looks toward the future.)

Finalist, 2018 City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Profile.”

An Imam in America (At St. Louis’ largest mosque, St. Charles native Mufti Asif Umar negotiates the line between his country’s secular culture—which reveals too much and respects too little—and God’s will.)

The Mission (After building a superhero’s résumé, Eric Greitens is ready to save Missouri—and maybe then the nation. But as a politician, will he fly?)

Winner, 2017 City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Profile.”

Will or Grace (Transgender identity is emerging as the next civil-rights frontier. But there still aren’t any easy answers to the question this St. Louis family faced: Do you let your 12-year-old tough it out in a body that doesn’t feel like hers, or take medical steps toward one that does?)

Finalist, City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Profile.”

The Last Lemp? (Is Andrew Paulsen a flesh-and-blood descendant of St. Louis’ famous family—or a pretender to the throne?)

The Irish Ambassador (Kevin O’Malley’s grandparents came to the U.S. with seven children and no money, degrees, or job prospects. A century later, he brought their journey full circle.)

On His Own Terms (How Doug Pitt stepped out of his brother’s shadow.)

The Boy Who Can’t Forget (Jake Hausler’s got such amazing recall, you feel like he can remember every day he’s ever lived. Maybe we all can.)

Soft Pedal (Ingrid Jacoby has the chops to record with Sir Neville Marriner. So why haven’t you heard her name?)

Jeanette Winterson (Formidable talent. Formidable personality.)

Connecting Cultures (Cecilia Nadal matches rap with salsa, flamenco with South Indian dance, African drumming with stories of Afghanistan.)

Ridley Pearson (A Q&A with a guy who jams with Stephen King and writes for Disney)

Paying It Backward (What turns an ordinary, decent guy into a thief…and how he climbs back into grace.)

The Complex Legacy of Larry Biondi (A miraculous transformation. A vicious battle. How will SLU’s longtime president be remembered?)

A Conversation With Ridley Pearson (Who jams with Stephen King and orchestrates slumber parties in the Magic Kingdom.)

The Cons of a Pro (How can somebody so smart be so stupid?)

Night Vision (Joe Adams, mercenary and private eye, sees everything.)

Deconstructing Bob Cassilly (He died too soon. But not before he taught us to see, and dare.)

Finalist, City & Regional Magazine Awards, for “Profiles.” Excerpted on Nieman Storyboard.

Want to Know a Secret? Jerry Berger Will Tell You Anything (The consummate gossip columnist finally reveals his own story.)

Finalist, Ranley Award, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism, “Best Single Written Article”

The Down-to-Earth Diva (Christine Brewer moves easily between her backyard hootenannies and the Met.)

The Fall (Jeff Smith was headed for a brilliant career in politics, until he flew too close to the sun.)

Gandalf and the Outlaws (Most people choose sides. Not Jack Larrison. His  biker bar’s a world all its own, and the regulars would never guess he’s a former cop.)

Only Money (From prophylactics and toilet cleaners to white yachts: Lester Miller made the journey count.)

The Art of the Deal (Lococo’s Lesson: Play it right, and you’ll never starve for beauty.)

Baron Rothschild (The irreverent antiques dealer who changed the scene in St. Louis.)

The Ballad of Willie Akins (Too quiet to talk about himself, he tells it all on his saxophone.)

Peter and the Wolf (How world-class botanist Peter Raven deals, or doesn’t, with environmental controversy.)

The Reluctant Archbishop (Tackling the locus of power in a strongly Catholic city.)


Worlds Apart (Graceful and serenely egoless, a nonverbal 9-year-old girl in U. City floats in and out of what the rest of us call reality. In Kirkwood, a 10-year-old boy with a formidable mind and flash-fire temper manipulates video games for hours on end. Both kids have a form of autism. And the mystery’s growing.)

Pieces of Mind (A brilliant philosopher and psychiatrist, Berit Brogaard, explores the weirdest aspects of the brain—her own included)

Inside the Enclosure (Cloistered and silent, the Pink Sisters know the real stories.)

The Girl Who Came From the Moon (Her psychiatrist wanted her set free. She couldn’t bear to tell him he was wrong.)

The Last Dance (Young women at DuBourg High School plan their Prom, and the real world crashes in.)